Ride no. 21… sneaky footpath rides

Evening rides

Ride no. 21 was a Friday evening spin with young Jack, in between me coming home from work and Jack going into work. I feel like we haven’t been out together on our bikes in aaaages, so this was loverly :).

This ride consisted of a little spin around some lower-elevation woodland footpaths close to town. Since our dump of snow (again) about a week ago, we have been relegated to lower elevation rides, or deal with riding on snow and ice. Snow isn’t so bad, but since this area is a holiday destination for folks who like hill-walking, a lot of the snowy trails get compacted into icy-death-trails.

The trails were a lot busier with walkers than they have been for ages, all because it’s Easter holidays here in England. It comes as a bit of a shock to the system having town and the trails busy again after a quiet winter … sometimes I catch myself longing for empty summits and less people just wandering aimlessly into the roads with their head in the clouds. Then again, though, I do live in a tourist destination, and all the jobs, cultural amenities, etc are all because of the tourists – so the feeling doesn’t last long.

Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and melt the rest of the snow and ice for us all to ride mountains again, eh? 😉


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