Out in dem dar hills...

Not much riding to report of late! I’ve been out walking in the hills, lifting weights at the gym, doing yoga at home, and running (yes, even running!) around the woodlands. But not much biking at all, really. My wee Yeti mountain bike has been in the shop, getting all sorts of good jobs done to it – brakes bled, new back derailleur, new seat post clamp, new grips, and new tires! So stoked on the tires, as my bike has had the tires that came stock on it for … three years now? Yikes. I got some loverly Continental ‘Mountain Kings’ on there now and am very excited to use em!


And, for more non-riding excuses, we’ve had about a month of cold, snowy, icy weather here in Cumbria again. It was beautiful and a bit of a novelty at first (felt like I was back in Canada again!), but now its getting a bit old. I am so looking forward to some warm weather, sunshine, and dry dusty trails. This being the UK might be a bit of a pipe dream… but a girl can hope!

Until I get some riding in though, I will leave you with a few photographs from a week or so ago, where me and my partner headed up to the top of Thornythwaite fell (the smaller mountain of Glaramara fell). It was a brilliant little walk, with a couple of dodgy scrambly bits.

Scrambly bits

I’ll leave you now with these sheepy-mountain photos and head ‘er to bed. Gonna be a looooong day tomorrow! Nighty night.


Out in dem dar hills…

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