Ride no.18 – riding the ‘Big Wheels’ up Walla Crag

Ride no. 18 was a funny little ride … I gave my fella’s Giant Trance X 29er a go.The (rarely dry) path to Walla

It wasn’t the best of tests, really, as the seat was a bit low for my liking. Since it comes stock with a fancy ‘uppy downy’ post, I could just flip a switch and up the seat goes! But, it actually needed to be higher than that for my longer-than-average legs…. but alas, I had no allen key with me (rookie mistake), so no adjustment could be made. This means that my test ride was a bit flawed from the beginning as the bike didn’t fit me as it should have. Also, Jack runs a very short stem which I don’t quite like either. Hrm. So, overall first impression of the whole 29er malarky wasn’t too overwhelming… it was just mostly awkward! Going to give it a proper test ride one of these days soon, with everything suited to me for a more ‘true test’. snowdrops must mean Spring is soon!Did see some little signs of Spring en route though … which made me a very happy and hopeful bunny. Come ooooon Spring!!

my loaner Big Wheels 

The ‘big wheels’ in all their glory!!


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