Ride no. 15: Long Mynd, Shropshire

Ride no. 15 consisted of pedalling about in the mist, at the Long Mynd in Shropshire.

Minton Batch singletrack!

The Long Mynd is a curious little area. Among the smaller, rolling hills of patchwork farming in Shropshire, the Long Mynd juts out of the landscape like one big fell that has been dropped here from the Lake District (or anywhere slightly more mountainous). It’s got steep valleys with lots of fun trail networks, and the top is one big ol’ heather moorland plateau.


Other than being an interesting feature of the mid-England landscape, it also has one of the best bridleway descents in the country – Minton Batch. I know I *just* said this about the Grizedale Forest descent, but the one at Minton Batch is way, way better. Lovely flowy singletrack cut through the valley, winding around gnarled trees and running parallel to a babbling brook. There was no body but us on the descent – brilliant!

up into the mist

Up we go, first round.


It was ridiculously misty out, couldn’t see a bloody thing at the top (and barely anything at the bottom, for that matter).

Your truly on Minton Batch

Yours truly, coming down Minton Batch, yee haw!



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