Ride no. 13: Grizedale Forest

Ride no. 13: Grizedale Forest

Mmm, trail.

Hello and welcome to day five of sunshine in Cumbria! Whoop whoop! Jack and I had (most) of the day off together today (well, about 5 hours), so we high-tailed it down to the south Lakes to rip around Grizedale Forest. It wasn’t a proper loop of designated trails, more of a mash-up of trails that Jack stitched together. All in all, a fabulous route with one of the best bridleway descents I’ve found so far in Britain!

As you can see, we met all sorts of fun things on the trail – piles ‘o’ logs, a friendly fox, and several trail-lakes to navigate. Also found some mud, bogs, cold feet, and big smiles. 🙂

Super nice to be out with Jack on the bike — hopefully we can get more rides in next week, as we both are taking some time off work for my birthday, yay! Legs are knackered and so am I – night night.


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