Ride no.12: Whinlatter Loop

Ride no. 12: Round and round Whinlatter.

Hello, blue sky!Sunshine again! And the day off work, what could be better? Pedalled the Yeti up Whinlatter pass (well, most of it), and ducked into the forest to take a spin round the trails. The glorious, glorious trails – dry, speedy, wonderful. I had a little sit-in-the-sun break half way up, which also served as a let-my-poor-legs-have-a-rest break. 

Little bit'o' dappled light through the trees Even thought it’s half-term, there wasn’t a soul on the trails… which suits me just fine, truth be told. There’s a glorious little section of footpath that I always take on the way back from the ‘designated’ MTB trails, and it’s always a bit of a gamble as to whether or not hikers will be on it. Not like I’m screaming down the trail at full-tilt or anything, but it’s just nice to rip it up without fear of coming across anyone.

I don’t know where all these half-term holiday makers are hiding, but they really need to pull their finger out and get into the sunshine!! It doesn’t last for long in these parts, don’t cha know :P.  Until tomorrow….


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