Ride no. 9 : Yes, it’s another Latrigg. Pitch black!

Ride No.9: Latrigg again!

This time well past dark on a wonderfully warm (for February) evening. Bluebird gloves!   night visionTop o'Latrigg  

Tonight was a quick ride, straight up the little mountain that is Latrigg and straight back down again. It was a beautiful night out – there was no wind, it was really mild for February, and I had the hill all to myself. This was my latest night-ride yet, where I didn’t get home until almost 9pm … I guess that’s what happens when you work until 7:30pm in the evening!

I usually end up on Latrigg for night-rides – as it’s right beside my house, has trails I know really well, has a good few options for loops, and is a good length for night riding – not too long, and not too short. There’s only so much of riding around in a pitch-black forest I can take to be honest, but needs must when you work all the daylight hours but still need to get a ride in! Can’t wait for those gloriously long summer days to return.

Desperately needed to get out on the bike though – the stress of this immigration visa appeal is really getting to me. A couple more days and everything will be sent off, though, and out of my hands. A big relief when it comes, and hopefully it will mean more time on the bike and spent outdoors!!

Until ride numero 10!


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