Ride no. 8 : Dark & Icy Latrigg


Ride No. 8 was very chilly indeed – an after-work spin on the mountain bike, up to the top of Latrigg and back.


It was my first ride in AGES. I’ve had the odds really stacked against me getting out to ride for about a month. As I mentioned in my previous Ride post, it’s been proper winter weather here lately – snow, ice, hail. Once it warmed up slightly, there was ridiculous wind accompanied by torrential downpours. Fun. Then, the weather improved a bit, and there are even some bluebird days out there (!), and I get sick. Some sort of sinus/flu-like/chesty illness which put me out for about a week. Just getting back into the groove of work and getting outside after ALL OF THIS …. and my immigration visa gets refused. Cock.

So, instead of celebrating the return of semi-decent riding weather and me feeling much better health-wise, I’m spending almost every free second until the end of February gathering documents and making an appeal case.

Seriously stressful stuff.

Tonight though, I thought that my mental state (and, for that matter, my physical state!), desperately needed a ride. Even just a small one.

So I snatched an hour after work and rode up a big(ish) hill in the fading light. I huffed and puffed upwards, paused at the top to watch dusk really settle in across Keswick, and then let gravity take me home. Ripping down the trail, guided only by the little beam of my bike light, catching bits of air off bumps en route — mmm. Feeling much better about life now that my legs are tired and I’ve been out to play in the woods. Biking will do that for you.

Going to get back to the immigration stuff. Wish me luck! 🙂




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