Ride no. 7: Derwentwater round 2

Ride No. 7: Around Derwentwater again!

Oh so windy

Well, it’s been two weeks off the bike. Eep. Cumbria finally succumbed to the wintry weather that the rest of the UK has had to deal with lately – we’ve had snow and ice and blizzards and all sorts of un-friendly-for-bikes stuff.

It’s been horrible weather to be honest. We had a few gloriously clear days when the snow was here, which is brilliant for hill walking (got out for some hill walking too though!). The trails themselves saw lots of foot traffic, which means they were trampled on, turned to slush, and then refrozen. Meaning there was lovely fluffy snow everywhere but on the trails, which were solid ice – boo. Not good for mountain biking. The roads have also been well dodgy – warming up in the day sometimes to rain/sleet on the roads, then hovering around freezing, so that you wouldn’t be quite sure whether you would be road riding on slightly damp asphalt or a sheet of ice. Oh dear.

So, finally, the rain came and I got very excited about riding my bike again! Since the rain has been here though, we’ve had gale force, crazy intense winds.  On my day off this week, I awoke to ridiculous wind and hail – so I thought a ride was out of the question. As the day wore on I sat drinking coffee and knitting, the sun started to peek through the storm clouds. The rain/hail finally quit too –  so I braved the wind and took a quick spin round Derwentwater in the fading light. Despite the wind, it was actually a pleasant ride round the lake – just felt nice to be back on my bike again :).

I’m a titch ill at the moment though – caught “the man flu” from my boss – so I’ll see how I feel about a ride tomorrow. Hopefully though I can get lots of rest tonight and feel well enough to get on the mountain bike tomorrow. Ta-ta for now!


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