Ride no. 6: around Derwentwater

Ride no. 6 : wee road ride around Derwentwater

Causey Pike methinks


Road riding was the choice for Ride no. 6, as heavy snow is forecast either for tomorrow or Saturday, so methinks the road will be too treacherous for bicycles soon enough! Other than not being able to feel the blocks of ice that were my feet, it was a brilliant day for a ride! Crisp and cold, lovely views of the snow-capped ‘mountains’ of the North Lake fells, and ice-free roads. Added bonus: no one was out on the roads as it’s dead quiet in the area right now for tourists. Mmmm.

pedal pedal pedal
bit of Catbells/Maiden Moor poking out






















I sometimes think this time of year is one of the best to visit the Lake District, as there aren’t hoards of people, you are very likely to get a good deal on accommodation, and you have these lovely little fells all to yourself! Sometimes the summer here is overrated – there are loads of people and screaming children on their school holidays, all the accommodation and cafes are super busy, and the weather is definitely not guaranteed to be good just because it’s mid-to-late summer. It’s usually very damp in the summer here …. or can be so socked in with clouds that you don’t actually see the mountains towering (okay, maybe not towering) above you. Usually autumn is fabulous – can be warm and mild, and sometimes quite dry – and you’ve got all the dramatic changes in the landscape of the leaves and surrounding foliage changing colour. And winter, too, can be brilliant – crisp, cold, sunshiney days, with naked trees making for really glorious photos. And Spring in the lakes seems to be the best weather that I’ve experienced anyways – hot days, weeks of dry, dusty trails, and no crowds yet as the kids are all in school. Plus, you get lambs (!) and spring flowers, mmmm.

Anyways I need to get my butt in gear and have a shower, make dinner, and then rush off to see Les Miserables with some friends. Which means I need to make some popcorn to smuggle in, hehe. Speak soooon!


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