Day 5: Snowy Latrigg loop

Day 5: Latrigg

lone sheep

The fifth ride of the year, and the first in the third week of January, came in the form of a snowy ride up Latrigg fell. At the start of the ride, on the lower elevations, I was quite smug indeed with myself – thinking, ‘This is a glorious day for cycling!”, as the sun was warm, the air crisp, and the trails just slightly muddy (not icy as I had imagined). I was peeling off layers and basking in the delightful rays.

The route I went today isn’t a full ascent of Latrigg, more of a circumnavigation. I felt less smug as I climbed up and around the North side of the fell – it was cold in the shadows and the trail turned to hard-packed ice. Eep. So I skidded around a bunch and then settled on pushing my bike along the icy path. Once I got round to the more Eastern side of the fell it was more snow than ice and I could ride around with ease. Snapped some shots of silhouettes (of the sheep and tree variety) and headed back down round the Eastern/Southern part of Latrigg and back into town. The trails lower down, in the forests around Latrigg are brilliant at the minute -pretty dry and not too icy – all in all, swoopy, forested goodness. I had a big smile on my face all the way down!

Came back into town and had a big fat latte and some chocolate, mmm. Gave the Yeti a wee sponge bath and tucked him away for the night. Then gave myself a wee sponge bath (not really) and made a delightful dish from a good ol’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe book called Veg (such a good cookbook!). Now I am a full and tired bunny, so I’ma go to bed. Until next time!


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