Day 4: Grange … and thoughts on cycling across Canada

Day 4: Grange

Derwent Water, en route to Grange

I took off work slightly early today to get in another ride before darkness descended on all the fells. There is snow and chilly weather forecast for Cumbria, so methinks the roads will become quite icy for the next little while. This means more mountain biking in the near future, as I am a big wuss when it comes to road riding and possible icy roads – I’m terrified of slipping and getting run over by a car. So, before it gets too wintry up here, I had a little roadie spin. It was just a wee ride to Grange and back – no big miles or major hills. No drama either – no rain, little head wind – it was quite nippy out, but I was well dressed (think Michelin man). Twas lovely!

Night lights for the win

The entire ride I was thinking about this summer and what to do… I really want to ride across Canada. I’ve had a few forays into cycle touring – not masses, mind you – but I really loved life at the pace of a bicycle. It’s such an enjoyable way to travel … perhaps this enjoyment wears off when you’ve been climbing a pass in the BC Rockies for 8 hours and still haven’t reached the top, or when you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in Northern Ontario. Eep.

It’s a childhood dream of mine though, and when I set off to thinking what I should do with my life, bicycling across Canada always pops back into my thoughts. I have to have a word with my childhood best friend as well – we were always going to cycle across Canada together. I’ve had a few offers for company on my cross country trip – my sister (who isn’t really a cyclist) is super keen, and my Englishman partner is also up for doing most of it (the prospect of weeks of the same scenery in the Prairies really puts him off that section). So between the two I should have some company! If not, there’s always the bugs and bears to chat to.

Anyhoos, I’m rambling now… just some thoughts had while on zee bike.

Until next time (most possibly Ride no.5!).


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