Day 2: St. Johns-in-the-Vale

Day 2: St. Johns-in-the-Vale

What Ride no.2 would have looked like...  minus the darkness and rain...

What Ride no.2 would have looked like… minus the darkness and rain…

Today I went home from work slightly early, in hopes to get in my “no.2” bike ride before the rain set in. Instead I came home, started to watch Green Wing, and just ate and ate. Whoops. So I felt slightly sluggish … then the rain *really* set in and put me off entirely.

I had almost written the bike ride off completely, as it was getting late and I still had to make some peanut butter cookies to bring with me to knitting (high priorities here!), but then I thought, why not just ride to knitting? So I got my clobber on – Gore-tex-ed to the max – and set off in the dark, windy, rainy evening.

It was actually a really lovely ride. I rocked out to Mumford & Sons while battling a headwind on the way there, and on the way back, rocked out to more Mumford & Sons in a wicked tailwind. I also got out to our weekly knitting circle at Low Bridge End farm, a place that is quite near and dear to my heart. I will have to blog about it properly one of these days soon.

The only downside about this wee ride of mine was the absence of my camera (I am aiming for a photo of each of the 100 rides this year), but the shot would have just been of complete darkness. Or maybe darkness accompanied by the glow of little sheepy eyes in a field. So, the included photo of Ride no.2 is of the farm itself – back in July when the evenings were long and light and it rained slightly less.


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