Alone is okay

A Canadian poet, Tanya Davis, on being alone:

This poem contains so much wisdom – it serves as a gentle reminder to all of us that alone is okay.

I feel it is something that we’ve forgotten as a society – not only are you seen as ‘incomplete’ without a partner in your life, but our modern lives has led us to constant connectedness. I find myself coming home from work some days and just sitting on the computer, connected to a shallow stream of news-feeds, tweets and instagrams. All of a sudden it’s bedtime and, although I haven’t really interacted with ‘real people’, I also haven’t really spent any time reflecting or just being alone. (I realise the irony of talking about this via a blog…)

It’s an invaluable practice to get into – regularly being by yourself, alone with your thoughts and your observations about the life you’re leading. I definitely need to do it more often… I find knitting helps :).


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