Surly lovin’


I snatched an hours ride out in the sunshine today — oh man was it good.

I really, really heart this little Surly of mine, and can’t wait to actually get to use it properly! I just love the idea of the cross-check, as it’s a super versatile little machine. The geometry is laid-back enough for a little off-road easy trails, touring, or commuting, but its racy enough to be a snappy little bike that doesn’t feel sluggish. It can be a fixie when you wanna bust out your inner-hipster, or a singlespeed cyclo-cross bike if you want to be a shoulder-season weirdo, or can transform into to a fat-tyre way to see the world.

Between the Surly and my lovely Yeti mountain bike (and the two beloved, but possibly obsolete, roadie commuters that I own), I have a tidy little quiver of bicycles going on. I heart bicycles.




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