A wee crush on Mumford & Sons…

Okay, maybe it’s a big crush.

Their music is folky and full of energy, and every time I listen to it I go back to the summer and its long, sunshiney days spent amongst little mountains.  And, they definitely get bonus points for being from England. As much as I love traditional Canadian music which conjures up images of loggers, moose, and Sleemans beer (think the Tragically Hip and Neil Young), there is just something about British music that I really love.  Can’t quite put my finger on it… maybe it’s how trendy some of the artists coming from the UK look, so very hip compared to us Canadians. After all, Bonobo is from Britain too. And I *really* heart Bonobo.

Anyways, the reason I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of Mumford and Sons has something to do with the ungodly amounts of school I have ahead of me. I’ve applied to graduate in June 2012. This was a bit… dramatic… as I nearly missed the ‘late’ deadline for applying. Why on earth they make the application date to graduate SEVEN months before the actual convocation is a bit ridiculous in my mind, but that’s university bureaucracy for you! The point is, I will  be graduating before my old roommate will be graduating … which means I will have won the bet! hehe. And, more importantly, I will finally be finished my undergrad and can write off institutionalized education forever more. Big smile!

The only catch is I need to get everything done by the end of February. So far, it’s going well. I’ve set myself a very intimidating calendar of deadlines – so we’ll see how I fare. Me and my englishman have even gone so far as postponing February’s multitude of holidays and anniversaries until March. So my birthday, usually at the end of February, is now the end of March. Valentines Day becomes ‘pretend Valentines Day’ on March 14th – etc, etc. We had planned to do a neat little week-long cycle tour of the Yorkshire Dales, or go mountain biking in Scotland to celebrate my 26th year of being alive – looking forward to it! Hopefully by then, the weather will be a wee bit warmer… and a bit more friendly for cycling.

This also means I will be going back to British Columbia for next June!! Big, big smiles for this one – I haven’t been back home (to Canada at all, or my home of B.C, specifically) for a year and a half now. By the time June rolls around, it will be closer to two whole years. It will be so nice to see some folks – hopefully spend some time in the north of Vancouver Island around Cape Scott, with friends in Whistler and Squamish (oh, how I miss Whistler!), and then in Victoria actually graduating. I might even get both my parents out from Ontario to the West Coast to see me grad – a pretty big deal, considering my mom doesn’t get on airplanes and they’d have to drive roughly 5000km to see me. It should be grand!

So, to fuel this month of essays, assignments, and web discussions, I have been turning to the entire discography of Mumford  & Sons.  Sigh No More is their only ‘proper’ album, but I’ve discovered other little gems of EPs and collaborative albums with other artists – huzzah! I love ‘Liar’, and their cover of The National’s ‘England’. I’m really hoping to see them perform live while I’m still living in the UK – how ace would that be?

So, I leave you with my two new recent favourites by Mumford & Sons:


‘England’ cover:


2 thoughts on “A wee crush on Mumford & Sons…

  1. oooooooooooh me too! <3<3<3<3 they are so lovely sounding.

    what is not lovely is that you'll be in vancouver when i'll be in china – when are you going back to england?! if i'm in europe when you'll be in vancouver that'll just be ridiculous.

    I ❤ u anyway

  2. It’s all dependent on my course tutors at the minute – I’m almost finished all my school work now (!), but if the marks don’t get processed and to UVic in time, then I will be graduating next next June (2013)… eep. Planning to be n BC from mid June to mid July methinks if I do grad this June though!

    I’ll be in Ontario (with Jack!) in mid-September though for a few weeks, regardless of what happens with graduating. Are you still in China then? Lets cross paths, dammit! 🙂

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