Dreaming of sunshine and biking….

As I start yet another post with the words ‘I’m buried in school work at the minute…’  I am eagerly anticipating sunshine, warmth and bicycles in just a few short weeks. Ah yes, folks, spring is on its way!

 Green! In April!

The one lovely thing about Britain: Spring comes far earlier here than for most of Canada.

Spring comes about the same time here as it does on Vancouver Island, where I used to live. Back in Canada, I always found the end of the school term a bit peculiar. Every April I would move from the lush, green, spring-time landscapes of the Island to Whistler for a summer of biking and planting flowers. It was like stepping back into time –  back to the dreadful slushy, sloppy, grey, cold, end-of-winter season. I find Whistler in April (as with the rest of the country) rather depressing: the trees are still bare, there’s snow on the ground and on the trails, the weather is still properly cold, and there are metres, and metres of snow between you and those epic high alpine trails.  As I haven’t quite jumped onto the ski-touring bandwagon as of yet, these months are just a time were mountain biking is miserable/impossible.

Yet here, when most of Canada is in the dead of winter, there are the very fragile beginnings of Spring – bulbs poking out, robins chirping away, and buds on the trees. This is why I used to love living on Van Island, and why I enjoy living on this rainy island. And yes, it rains here in the UK. A lot. Especially a lot where I find myself now, in the North West. But with all this rain comes many shades of green – in the pastures, the forests, the moorland, and on the fells.  Soon, the lovely green landscapes, the blooms and the birds, will all come. And hopefully (fingers crossed) some sunshine and warmth too.

Until then, I will listen to this tune and think about sometime – in the very near future – when I’m pedalling along the Coast of Cornwall, in shorts and a t-shirt, in the sunshine. 🙂


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