The Revolution

Sometimes, I just want a revolution.

I get into these conversations with people who just get it. They understand what you’re on about – be it political, social justice, environmental or societal rants – and can build on that conversation. Not only do they get it, they get passionate and emotional about these topics. Anger, fear, excitement; they all flow freely and add to the intensity of the ideas being passed back and forth.

It’s these conversations and the thoughts that spin through my mind for days afterward, that get me itching for change. Not just the fuzzy I’m-doing-my-part shit. Real, meaningful, inconvenient change. Big change that pushes boundaries and goes beyond the comfort zone. In short, a revolution.

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m thinking: ‘Right. I’ve faffed about long enough. I’m sick of waiting for progress to just magically happen. I’m sick of letting myself be complacent. I’m sick of letting the easy answers drown out the hard questions. Just get on with it already, Ashley!’

What I’m talking about is the complete societal, cultural, and institutional disregard for the environment and fellow human beings. I’m fucked off with it.

I’m fucked off with people being ‘in denial’ about climate change. I’m fucked off that our standards for what is considered ‘normal’ in the Western world is off the backs of everyone else in this global community. I’m fucked off that everyone seems to think it’s okay to completely zone out of the worlds problems and just get on with life in their little bubble. I’m fucked off that people have said to me, ‘I don’t vote. Politics and who is in power doesn’t affect me.’ Or, ‘I don’t listen to the news. It’s all bad news that doesn’t affect me anyways.’ Fuck right off. It affects you when you’re the one buying the shit that creates a market for slave labour. It affects you when your job disappears because the natural resource industry you work in has been carelessly mismanaged. It affects you when price hikes on food happen- again- because there are severe droughts in major global agricultural areas. And yes, it fucking affects you when the youth of today are so disenchanted with the piss-poor future they’ve inherited, that they turn to mindless looting and mayhem as an expression of hopelessness.

Sometimes I can not believe I work in a cafe. I put my time, my daily devotion and my energies into serving people veggie food. What an incredibly important distraction from the real-life shit that’s going on. I don’t care what happens next in my life, but whatever it is, it needs to have one of these two elements:

a) Make me happy in a meaningful way, or

b) Allow me to create positive change in a meaningful way

I don’t care what it is, but from now on, this is what life needs to mean for me. If I’m not either enjoying this amazing earth in a way that is meaningful to me, or helping to make it a better place, I don’t want anything to do with it.


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