My annual update…

Hello dear neglected blog,

I am beginning to notice a pattern here – seems like I post once or twice a year. eep. Well here’s the late night annual post I know you’re all eager to read.

Update on the whole life situation: I’m currently spending my 4th summer amongst the lovely rainy mountains of Whistler, BC. I am a couple courses away from finishing my Geography & Enviro. Studies degree at UVic – a completion date that has been purposefully drawn out as to avoid a) becoming a real adult just yet and b) outrageous student loans (really, not that bad). I still also have three optional co-operative work experience terms to complete, which I am hopefully going to work through in the UK.

Yep, it’s official- I’m moving across the pond for a little while. I’ve been approved for a two-year working visa for the United Kingdom, which includes Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. I plan to spend the first seven or eight months in Bristol, England (located in the southwest), the summer either bicycle touring across Eastern Europe or perhaps woof-ing in Switzerland, and then 6 months or so both in Wales and Scotland. I’m not sure if I will live in Ireland … it seems to be pretty intensely rainy over there (yes, I know the entire bloody place is really rainy!).

This whole UK-based adventure is mainly because of a young Englishman I met trail-building last summer in Whistler. I pined after him for a couple months, thinking my flirting and subtle hints were oh-so-obvious. After much friendly advice and micro-analyzing with friends and co-workers, I finally just told the bloke I fancied him – and to my great surprise – he fancied me too! hehe. Anyways, he came to the island with me while I went to UVic, and we ended up going to Fernie, BC in January for a winter ski season. Came back to Whistler for the summer and now my dear Englishman, Jack, is back home in the UK, setting up a place to live and a job in Bristol.

Lots more to talk about of course – as always with this thing. I will *try* to come back on and update about my thoughts of late. With Jack leaving I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate relationships – what makes them good, bad, and ugly – and to reflect on all the different ones I have either been in or come across.  Also thinking a lot about marriage, kids, buying houses – all the ‘big stuff’ you’re supposed to latch onto when you’re in your mid-twenties – and why I don’t seem to want any of it for a long, long time. I feel like some sort of socially backward 24 year old who, instead, wants to have fun, see some of the world, and effect change. I’m always so shocked to find that what I always tend to want out of life seems frowned upon, seen as irresponsible – shouldn’t the goal of this existence to be happy and lead meaningful lives and help others? Not work too much to afford an overpriced mortgage and car you don’t really need (and for that matter, probably don’t really want)?

I think I’m repeating myself on this thing – I feel like I’ve written about this before. I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead, elaborate on and focus my thoughts for a later post, and head to sleep. 5:30am comes quick.



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