Still Awake

clean teeth are essential

clean teeth are essential

Hi all,

It’s 2:54 am and I am still awake. Woo! This is me, on a break to write (briefly) on this dealio and brush my pearly whites.  I’m on my second coffee today and am going strong, listening to some solid Alaska in Winter and Trentemoller (my current love affair), reading about international regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms. I’ve been literally living at school for the past three weeks, I feel like an engineer. I did manage to complete 7000 words since last Wednesday, as well as learn an entire course, study it, and write the exam.

I have six more days and 7000 words until my essays are all done. Six days. Then I have a week of hocking bread and studying for a silly exam and then my little Ontarian friend comes to visit! Then, off to Whistler for (*crosses fingers*) some wicked mountain biking and gardening. Just gotta find a place to live. If there wasn’t such a massive probability of getting eaten by a bear I would just tent it and call it a summer.

For when I return to this bloggin world I have things to chat about. Marriage is a big one, as is traveling. Roommates are another (they are all leaving me and I am quite distraught with the idea). Conceptions of masculinity are yet another – why some men have to always strive to feel macho when others embrace their femininity with pride – usually the types I get along best with.  Bicycling through South America, or across Canada, or with something like Global Agents for Change is on my list as well. Then there are all sorts of ridiculous things – like Tim DeChristopher, Democracy Now, Norwegian corporations consolidating Canadian fish farms, the Navigable Waters Protection Act, Bill C-10 altogether, actually…  oh oh oh! And the Critical Mass that happened in Victoria, and the Juggling Fest that went on at UVic too – these were so much fun. I will return!

Okay but for now I work and maybe sleep. I will be so happy when these papers are beautifully written and oh-so complete.

Until I re-surface from the depths of Clearihue,


and p.s. – Go listen to “take me into your skin” and “miss you” …. and “vamp” by Trentemoller! lovely.


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