Bonobo, I heart.

I just recently found out about this artist… I haven’t listened to much of their stuff, but what I have listened to I love. Here is “Ketto,” a beautiful song:

Tonight it is really lovely outside – it’s mild and inviting, very typical of little Victoria. Makes me want to just lie on a rocky beach and watch the stars. The more I think about leaving this island (soonish), the more I begin to really appreciate all of it’s unique features – I take them for granted far too often. The ocean, the Arbutus trees and Garry Oaks, sea creatures!, moss, dry meadows, lush rainforests, big trees!, the rocky windswept coastlines …. the west coast, the east coast, the gulf islands, the insular mountains. le sigh. Vancouver island, I will miss you :(.

It is silly how we so easily get caught up in the details of everyday life – money, deadlines, school, work- whatever. We don’t actually appreciate what we have or what we experience. I have the priviledge of having a healthy mind and body, a home, this education, security, and ultimately, the knowledge that I am loved and supported by numerous people.  Above all that, I have the opportunity and freedom to do what I want – I can seek happiness and meaning in my life. I should recognize all that ^ more often, and be grateful.

H’okay, going to go sit on a beach somewhere and contemplate life.


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