Overwhelmed about the condition of the world? Ignore it!

Shot from the movie “Apology of an Economic Hit Man,” which focused on the story of John Perkins. He was an “economic hit man,” who used fake financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, military coups and murder to create the current global American empire.

It is after six o’clock in the evening, on a Sunday. My essay is due Monday … it was due last Wednesday, but it got extended. So, with these pressing issues on my mind, what should I do… blog? Hell yes.

I went to see a movie last night with all the politically minded folk that I could muster. We all went to see the movie “Apology of an Economic Hit Man” that was part of the Victoria Film Fest. So, after a bit of a gong show with some last minute additions and late comers, everything worked out well and everyone got to see the movie!

The movie, which is based on the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is a glance into the world of US world domination – the story of one ‘economic hit man’ who is trying to redeem himself by explaining his actions, and the consequences of his actions. I liked the movie overall – it seemed like a forgotten history lesson with lots of great footage. I didn’t like the details – the misspellings (eek!) and the over-the-top nature of some of the acting, music, etc (just the dark emo scenes where he is questioning his life). The delivery, not too great, but the message – interesting, engaging, makes you want to learn more. A good starting point.

I hoped this movie would be a leading one – one that makes you want to know more, to dig deeper, to unearth what is *really* going on (heeey I sound like a conspiracy theorist!). And, for me at least, this is what it did – and that’s why I invited who I invited… so it would be a great atmosphere for discussion. Once we got out of the movie, half the people had to go home, which was fine (restoration work and early morning meditation – good reasons) and the rest of us made our way to Swans. My roommate got all angsty and existential on us, weirded out about lifes big questions – so he went home. So, it was just myself and three others huddled around a table in the rowdy Swans, drinking beers.

So, finally, we can talk about the movie – we can intelligently discuss the realities of the world we live in and influence on such a grand scale! …Nope! We talked about beer, porn and drugs. Good topics, but when I tried to initiate something … more angsty?… I was met with resistance. It seemed as if everyone was moved to one degree or another by the discussion the movie presented – and yet, no one wanted to talk about it. It was too overwhelming to consider, too much to absorb, too depressing to face, and too complex to address.

These are Enviro Studies kids, studying in Victoria, B.C (aka hippie capitol of Canada) – and no one wanted to talk about it! I know, I am probably blowing out of proportion what was probably just a Saturday night when people didn’t want to chat about depressing things … but commmmeeeaaaan! If these guys, the ones who are informed and invested in these problems, don’t want to discuss and figure out ways to not just be ‘part of the problem’ – who the hell else will? It makes the current situation of the world THAT much more depressing – cause the people who are in power and actively working for the destruction of humanity (socially and environmentally) aren’t going to fix it. We are- the people who know what is going on, and want to see it changed.

I eventually did end up getting my discussion and angst-fest about the world, with one person who is equally as angsty about the world. I get in these moods where it’s all I think about – the complex issues that I just have scratched the surface about. In those moods I want to discuss it all with people. People who are open to discussion, who know they don’t know everything, and who want to learn and strive towards solutions. I know there are times when I just want to either travel or hike or mountain bike to get away from it all – but rejecting the realities all the time doesn’t help anything or anyone but your own narrow self interest. Bah. Maybe I will just stay in school forever trying to learn. Or become an eco-terrorist…. (not really).

Boof. I am going to write this essay. Sorry about the narrowly focused rant… not too much to it. I am just frustrated with the lack of discussion. So for heavens sake – whatever opinion or idea you have – discuss it, question things, try to learn, try to create workable solutions… don’t just sit stunned.


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