The thing about blogging…

… is that I never do it. I have this list- of things I want to blog about. Some are interesting tidbits I come across I would like to write about and share, others are these big ideas and questions I could ponder and discuss forever, and then there are music posts- songs I’d like to share! Such as the song “In the Morning” by Junior Boys. Very catchy- a terrific running song. I get such an urge to write- either on here or in my journal, which is what usually wins out- but in the last three months or so I haven’t written hardly anything at all… anywhere.

Why? Well, that’s the thing about blogging. I really don’t know why, but I just don’t do it. I want to… and yet I don’t. My days usually are filled with commuting (biking!), working at the co-op job, going to the gym, making elaborate vegan dinners and treats, dinking around on the internet, dinking around with aaron (heh), then sleeping too late. Soon summer will be here and my free time will be eaten up by mountain biking, hiking and rockin’ it out in Whistler. So perhaps I view blogging as a slight waste of time. I could see how you could put a lot of time into it- reading, researching, writing, commenting, contemplating. I’m just not sure where I fit into it all.

For now I will do what makes me happy. If that means writing, so be it. I bid you all a good night though- it’s gettin’ late and this one needs to don her spandex in the morning and brave the rain.


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