My blog can’t die pre-maturely…

My blog didn’t last too long. I suppose this happens to everyone? I started writing in my journal more frequently this term, hopefully that will spur some discussion on this end of things. I do like this blog quite a bit- it is really pretty and made by the late Katie Kish… yes, she is still alive, but far far away. And I miss her. Her blog has died it seems, which is sad (but perhaps inevitable… so much was put into that thing!) — so maybe I will keep this one going a little longer. I don’t want it to die with only a few posts.

Personal updates: I am coming home to Ontario on the 2nd of December, and I am coming back to Vic on the 16th. I get to spend 6 hours in the Edmonton airport 🙂 – time to study! I have three exams, all back to back for three days, then I have another two weeks off. So shortly after Christmas, I will be going with Aaron’s family to Big White- to ski for a week (pretty schnazzy, huh?). I am super excited for December. Next term I will may be in school, more likely be in a co-op. There are a few options here, I am looking for ones I like in Victoria- yet one about tracking big-horned sheep in the Kootneys sounds pretty damn cool.

Anyhoos what I hope to write about in the near future: deep dark secrets, obesity globally, facebook and how it drives me crazy, the race to finish schooling, vegan things!!!!, marriage and kids…, your twenties… there are a lot of random thoughts, but I will talk about those later.

This entry will be short and not very provocative. There is a lot that has been on my mind lately… things about life I suppose. Why we worry so much as humans, why we waste our time here…. what actually constitutes not wasting our time here. People (this person included) seem to spend all of their energy in a day worrying about deadlines, money, decisions. It is curious that as soon as we get wealthy enough to not have to survive everyday, we also get wealthy enough to worry about trivial things. Is this really developing? Getting so caught up in material wants, supposed needs, and time constraints that we miss everything we have, everything we should be so grateful for? In geography studies between developing and developed countries- the quality of life between someone who makes 12,000 and 60,000 dollars aren’t all that different. Once you have the basics covered: food, water, shelter, healthcare and education- you start to want cars, meat, televisions- then digital gadgets, lulu lemon, lattes, a tummy tuck. Why can’t we see what we have, not what we don’t? And once we have what we want, why do we always need more?

My point is that wealth and status are worth shit if you are unhappy. If you waste your life worrying about obtaining wealth, status, whatever- you’ve just missed out on life. And for a lady that isn’t convinced in an afterlife, it is a terrible thing to miss out on.


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