Where to find happy-chicken eggs.


Taking a second gander at Terra Adoration and I realize my previous link (about where to track your food miles) may have been wroooong. So I don’t lead you all astray, here is the real link:


This website is all about options. It shows you where on vancouver island you can get organic, local, natural, no-wheat, no-dairy, vegan, etc etc- for almost any food imaginable. Also, it shows you the specific effects of different things you buy. If you buy local cheese, it will calculate how many miles of transportation were saved, how many local multiplier effects were created by it, how much social cost you saved, and how many tonnes of C02 saved, along with much more! AND if you want, you can track your purchases over time and see just how good you’ve been to mother earth! (haha, im hokey). SO, now that you can find the good stuff, find out what your impacts are in terms of food consumption, and even track the benefits of your choices- you have no excuse :P.

Even if you *don’t* go out and buy local, free range, organic, anti-biotic free, politically-correct, socially correct, super duper happy chicken eggs…. take a look.

… now back to my feverish essay writing. 😥


One thought on “Where to find happy-chicken eggs.

  1. How will dan feel when he sees that i have commented on this post of yours that is basically about nothing but haven’t even gone to read his site yet today?

    mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I got so much fucking sleep last night, yo. Seriously. Like… over 12 hours. But I am still tired. DAMN YOU TO HELL MONO!

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