The Heroes of my Generation

So I am going to post my two or three posts from my *first* blog, aka myspace… from February and January. 

Huzzah. First real blog ever. I am participating in the blog portion of the broadcast, because I was filling out this myspace jazz and I was stumped on the ‘heroes’ section. It took me a while to think of a hero. Honestly though, what does a hero mean? To me it has to be someone who is personally motivational- you admire them and can be proud of their accomplishments or outlook or whatever. I couldn’t think of anyone famous (the typical hero kind) to pick as my own. I think a lot of people would put a president or prime minister, which is bullshit to begin with. So that ideas scrapped. Celebrities and alot of musicians dont qualify for this role either- I love music too but they aren’t heroes just for making amazing music.

I dont know really- I am beginning to think that our generation has no real heroes. Our grandparents would say their president or the prime minister, wouldn’t they? Or someone like John Lennon, who although was a musician, stood for so much more then just music. Collectively though, our generation (i suppose the generation after the Gen Xers… the Gen Yers?), has no one to look up to, except maybe the creators of Dance Mix ’93 or the cast of Friends. Sad stuff.

This gets me thinking about the legacy of our generation. All I can think of is negatives- destruction of entire ecosystems, massive loss of biodiversity, global climate change, the pollution & waste of water, desertification…. okay maybe all that isnt just our generations fault. We aren’t really collectively running to put out the fire, either though. Shouldn’t we all strive to achieve some sort of personal legacy? A positive one for the earth/humanity. If everyone actually got a goal in mind (even a small one), that they carried around with them everyday and were devoted to over a lifetime, then maybe peoples lives wouldnt be such a waste. a massive, massive waste. oh dear. listen to me. Okay, blogging = bad. im gonna go study. Sorry this isnt as eloquent or intelligent as ‘real’ bloggers 🙂


(as an edit/an aside: I believe my biggest heroes are the people who work everyday to better the lives of others. Doctors, teachers, researchers, NGO’s, etc… ppl who fight the good fight 😛 )


4 thoughts on “The Heroes of my Generation

  1. There are plenty of people to look up to. It just depends on where you’re looking. For someone who is consistently absorbed in consumer culture and pop culture and doesn’t look at the world around them – then yeah, they’re likely not going to have anyone that we would consider worthy to be deemed a hero. But if you look beyond that there are people like Rachel Maddow devoting their lives to political instabilities and gay rights. Or Ani Difranco giving women a voice. Or Le Tigre, doing the same thing. There are people like Butterfly Girl who go and live in trees to make a point about sustainability. There are people like you who fight the fight every single day of their life to try and make people see that we’re facing terrible times on earth right now. There are people who go across seas trying to help poverty stricken families in Africa and India. There are shit loads of people that are worthy of being called a hero – just they’re not “cool” or packaged like N’Sync and Fergie.

    There are tons of musicians out there involved in the campaign for fighting Aids and poverty. (that… G7 concert?) That whole Aldo thing that just went on, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil thing… We can look at the people involved and say “yeah they got a lot of money for that” or we can look at them and say “they’re trying to make a difference by using their influence” the fact that they agreed to be part of the campaigns is phenomenal on its own.

  2. hey look, a REAL comment. 😀 hehe.
    Its true though, the heroes are kind of hidden from view, at least in terms of whats popular. Its just wierd that our generation doesnt have that “popular” voice right? that popular hero… like in our parents day im sure alot of ppl who were asked could immediately say Martin Luther King Jr. or John Lennon etc, who were popular, and influential.

    Possibly our generations heroes will be the ppl in the Aldo ads and the G7 concerts… ppl like Angelina Joli (how the heck do you spell her name?) and U2 who are involved (for whatever reason).

    Maybe the next hero is the lady who knew about every dinosaur. the great Kish. hehe.

  3. My God that’s alotta commenting. You two do realize that you live down the hallway from one another, right?

    Personally, I don’t really have heros. I think it’s more important to focus on the self *makes closing lotus motion with arms* I think that if someone wants to do something, or spur some change it should be done for their own reasons, not because they want to be like someone else or jump on someone else’s bandwagon. Gimli here seems to be a prime example of someone with a cause that she actually believes in.

    Sadly, this is an idealistic view most people are asshats that don’t actually care about anything other than themselves, so I do realize the unfortunate need to spur people using product placement or famous faces, and if it works, all the power to it I suppose.

    Nice start to the blog ‘shley. As I am an uninspired individual, you are my hero.

  4. Hey Ash
    Just thought I’d waste some time when I should be biochem-ing.
    Heroes, eh? I think we have plenty of heroes! Personally, the moments I will remember most about university are having the opportunity to hear two incredible men speak. Firstly, last year, Senator (and formal Lt-Gen.) Romeo Dallaire. An incredibly inspiring man who just doesn’t bullshit about the “mud and the blood” that most of the world is in. Secondly, my all time favorite, Stephen Lewis!! I saw him last fall, and I swear it WAS like seeing Martin Luther King Jr. speak. So inspiring, so honest, so incredible. So there’s a couple for yah!

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