But… Think of The Children!

Another one from my collection on myspace. I think this will be the only other one… the one about cheaters was long and drawn out, and kind of all over the place. The end wasn’t finished on this one, so I will end it now. So after this will be me, here and now! –>

Well, I just had lunch. I ran into a friend of mine, and then later he ran into a friend of his. This fellow was dressed in schnazy leather, with a motorcycle helmet in his hand. So we started chatting, and my friend had to leave, so his friend and I kept chatting. I quickly remembered why I left Ontario. No offense to this guy (I barely know
him) but with that short conversation that we had, I remembered that not everyone in this world is the glass jar toting, hemp-wearing, bicycling riding hippie. I love Victoria.

Being in this university bubble, you can easily lose sight of the world around you and the reality of it. Everyone at UVic (aloooot of ppl) are so very liberal and progressive. Of course climate change is a pressing global issue. Of course we need to be aware in our consumption patterns. Of course the place to start real change is with your own habits and perceptions. Of course. Its sad to realize, no, not of course. Not everyone thinks like you Ashley, and in fact, most of the population doesnt. The aim is money, power andefficiency- and even well meaning individuals will get sidetracked by the reigning notion of progress.

This little conversation with this fellow was about personal, everyday decisions that reflect your values/beliefs – such as being a vegetarian or riding your bike to work everyday. I am a strong believer in what Kish likes to call “living the movement”. Although this means sacrifice, decisions about what to let slide and what to fight for, and ultimately, hypocrisy- is really the only way to affect change. I realize that for every piece of meat that I don’t eat, and
for every ton of C02 I don’t contribute to the earth- there will be the others in China, India, the U.S and Canada, who gladly contribute my share. I realize this, and I realize that I can’t do everything I would like to, and that sometimes I am in the wrong. Let me note, that being a hyporcrite and admitting to this isnt a sign of failure or defeat- i see it as a realistic recognition that no matter what you do in life, there will be a positive and a negative attached to it.

 My point is that if you don’t make those choices- if you don’t make some sacrifices for things you believe in, what the hell *are* you doing?

Most people, like motorcycle boy, figure that if the rising giants of south east asian or india are doing much more harm, how is buying that 5$ carton of organic eggs going to help in the grand scheme of things. Change has to start somewhere. If only one person was polluting there would be no issue or degradation- but many are. So the solution lies in not just one person doing their part, many must (and YOU are part of that many!). The only way change has been effected in the past is through one person starting it off with ideas and education- and the spread of those actions/ideas/behaviors.

Personally, its about a sense of reaffirming what I know to be right, and what i believe. Its about guilt, its about not being a hypocrite on all fronts. Its also about trade offs, sometimes you can follow your beliefs, but alot of the time you can’t.

Still don’t care eh?

First I would say, go get educated about your impacts, for one. They are there and they are shocking. Trust me. (www.lifecycles.org can show you how far your food really comes to get to you. Apples from New zealand eh? wiiiierd!) 

Realize your not the only person who is affected by your purchases and decisions, second. (who grew,processed/packaged and transported that coffee/banana/chocolate you’re enjoying? Was it socially sound? Did it involve Child Slave labout in west Africa… guess which one involves that!)

And third, ultimately, its your own life, and its your own beliefs. Do what you believe to be true. I would like to add some crazy “God is watching, so dont fuck up” bit, but instead i’ll threaten with children. If you fuck up, your children will pay. HA.

Hokay I am massively done. That is much too long. i apologize.


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