Katie made me bald.

Well folks, here she be. This will become my *official* first post. Let’s not screw it up now. It IS 2:09 in the am, and I have to work in a little under 5 hours. oh dear. Since I have been getting more comments then my roommate Dan’s rival blog and haven’t posted anything yet, I thought I would keep you all (by all, I clearly mean three) of you reading and coming back for more. How? By My Big Message:

I will be posting later.

ha, tricked you. 😀 no profound thoughts tonight. Just a wee note to say I will blog. soon. I promise. AND…

to thank Katie. She made my blog and made it pretty. Then she put a picture of me on it, but erased all my hair. Thankfully it is gone now, replaced with a pretty wicked tree. H’okay, I will return!

 your lover,

ashley robinson


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